Faster feed-forward feedback.

Give students the feedback they need to grow and improve tomorrow, not next week.


* Marking is arduous
* Marking takes a LOT of time
* Giving feedback is the most time consuming part
* Giving effective feedback is hard without time constraints
* We often have tight time contraints


* feedback is often the same for many students on the same piece of work
* Not the same enough to be simpl to copy and paste, there are speficics that need attention for each student even if the feedback on the whole is the same


* A simple tool for building ruberics that saves you time marking and giving feedback the more marking and feedback you do!
* Generate clear, comprehensive feedback that is unique to each student while minimizing repatative work
* Works with you existing marking spreadsheets
* Works better than the fancy marking spreadsheet dropdowns though 😉

Mark Smarter.

Don't sacrifice the quality of your feedback to students just to meet marking deadlines. Lets give students better feedback, faster.